I am using yocto rocko, with custom distro (based on poky), and custom
image inheriting core-image bbclass.
I was asked to get rid of nfs-client and nfs-server (and generaly
nfs-anything) from our image. If I'm right it comes with core-image.bbclass.
I have tried using IMAGE_INSTALL_remove, DISTRO_FEATURES_remove,
IMAGE_FEATURES_remove and few others in different places (like: image
recipe, build/conf/local.conf) and there was no outcome, the nfs
server/client were always there.
Packages I was trying to point in those *_remove commands where "fns"
"nfs-utils" "nfs-server" "nfs-client" and "packagegroup-core-nfs".
Could you please give me a hint how to get rid of those?

Kind regards,
Marek Słomiany
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