I've written a bsp  for the adzs-sc589-ezlite board from analog devices. I am 
trying to use qemu to emulate the board, but I get the following

runqemu - INFO - Can't find qemuboot conf file, DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE is NULL!
runqemu - INFO - Running MACHINE=adzs-sc589-ezlite bitbake -e...
runqemu - INFO - Overriding conf file setting of STAGING_DIR_NATIVE to 
 from Bitbake environment
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/peter/yocto-build/poky/scripts/runqemu", line 1243, in <module>
    ret = main()
  File "/home/peter/yocto-build/poky/scripts/runqemu", line 1230, in main
  File "/home/peter/yocto-build/poky/scripts/runqemu", line 652, in 
  File "/home/peter/yocto-build/poky/scripts/runqemu", line 513, in check_fstype
    raise Exception("FSTYPE is NULL!")
Exception: FSTYPE is NULL!

I've tried forcing:

$ bitbake core-image-minimal -c do_write_qemuboot_conf

but with no success.


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