We are switching to active development of the new eclipse-poky plugin and the 
first 23 patch series has been sent to eclipse-p...@yoctoproject.org

We will no longer send patches to yocto@yoctoproject.org, so if you desire to 
follow along with the development or review the patches, you will need to 
subscribe to the new mailing list.


This new series will be merged in two or three days.

This series can be viewed at:

A clean build can be viewed at:

The existing plugin, which will be shipped with YP 2.5 (Sumo), will be based on 
the neon-master and oxygen-master branches of 

As soon as the new patch series is merged, master will diverge and any patches 
or bug fixes will need to be explicitly identified as needing to be back-ported 
to neon-master or oxygen-master, or their YP release specific branches (e.g. 
neon/pyro or oxygen/rocko).

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