I have two images defined, one is secure stripped and intended
for production, and the other one extends the production one by adding
different development tools.

They are both built using the same distro so the name printed during boot
is always the same.

    Welcome to senic 0.1.9-1-g1692cb1!
    senic 0.1.9-1-g1692cb1 senic-hub ttyS0

I would like to be able to easily distinguish which image has been
flashed and booted.

I've identified that the variable responsible for those prints is
So I've extended both of my image recipes with:


However that failed to end up in my image.
The checking the -e for the image shows the variable has
been correctly renamed:

    # $DISTRO_NAME [5 operations]
    #   set /home/alan/senic-os/oe/meta/conf/bitbake.conf:715
    #     [_defaultval] "OpenEmbedded"
    #   set /home/alan/senic-os/oe/../meta-senic/conf/distro/senic.conf:1
    #     "senic"
    #   set /home/alan/senic-os/oe/meta/conf/documentation.conf:143
    #     [doc] "The long name of the distribution."
    #   set /home/alan/senic-os/oe/../meta-senic/recipes-core/images/
    #     "${IMAGE_NAME}"
    #   set /home/alan/senic-os/oe/../meta-senic/recipes-core/images/
    #     "${IMAGE_NAME}"
    # pre-expansion value:
    #   "${IMAGE_NAME}"

But the "Welcome to ... " remains the same.
I've grepped for "Welcome to" in all the layers without success.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?
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