On 2/14/18 2:57 PM, Jeff Osier-Mixon wrote:
> Can anyone help Jean-Pierre? This seems at first like a simple issue during
> do_populate.

Need more information.  Are you creating new users and putting files in those
user directories in /usr/share or elsewhere?

The /usr/share hierarchy is controlled by the system wide fs-perms.  Many of
it's standard subdirectories will globally set all subdirectories become
root:root 0755, while files become 0644 root:root.

See the fs-perms.txt file: meta/files/fs-perms.txt

Pay specific attention to the comment:

# Note: all standard config directories are automatically assigned "0755 root
root false - - -"

'standard config directories' refer to the following list:

(from classes/package.bbclass)
    # By default all of the standard directories specified in
    # bitbake.conf will get 0755 root:root.
    target_path_vars = [    'base_prefix',
                'oldincludedir' ]

> On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 1:32 PM, Jean-Pierre Sainfeld <jean-pie...@anki.com
> <mailto:jean-pie...@anki.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I am working on yocto system at the jethro rev level. 
>     I am looking to use the meta-skeleton useradd-example.bb
>     <http://useradd-example.bb> recipe
>     So far I have been successful in adding the required users and group 
>     and creating files in the /usr/share directory 
>     The current issue I am facing is the ownership of the created file 
>     I see the right permissions at the do_install() time 
>     however when the image is loaded in the target 
>     those files are reverted to the root:root permissions 
>     The requirement of our platform is that we can create specific users and 
>     make some specific processes  and data files having the proper uid and 
> ueid.
>     I have been able to do all this successfully on the target 
>     but not through the yocto build system 
>     Any assistance in this regard would be fantastic and very cool :-)
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