Hi all,

I am please to announce the 0.3.6 release of opkg-utils. In this release, we had 10 commits, contributed by 7 developers:

Jeffrey Pautler         3
Alejandro del Castillo  3
Zhu Mumu                1
Adam Trhon              1
Jackie Huang            1
Juro Bystricky          1

Jeffrey, Zhu, Adam, Jackie, Juro, thanks for your contributions!

Changes included on this release:

- opkg-build: make Section, Priority and Source fields optional
- opkg.py: add compatibility with ipks which outer is tar
- opkg-build{package}: fix error message
- opkg.py: remove brittle formatting of description field
- opkg-make-index: add option to include all fields on index file
- update-alternatives: fix the sed pattern in remove_alt
- update-alternatives: add support for link renames (issue 8344)
- opkg-build: improve package reproducibility (issue 11242)

looking forward to the 0.4.0 release cycle!


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