I'm writing you because I have some problems with the building of an 2.4.1 
image of the Yocto.

I am using a Siemens IoT 2040 hardware witch have an intel quark cpu.

My error is the follow, in the "bitbake name-image":

"ExpansionError during parsing 

And at the end:

"module bb.data has no attribute 'getVar'"

Do you have any suggestions to resolve it?

I am trying to build the image using Ubuntu 17 (I know that this OS hasn't been 
tested for this procedure).

Thank you in advance

Best Regards

Alessio Pulizzotto
Automation Engineer

Comau S.p.A. - Automation Systems
Via Rivalta 49 - 10095 Grugliasco (To) - Italy
e-mail: alessio.pulizzo...@comau.com<mailto:alessio.pulizzo...@comau.com>

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