On 2/23/18 10:37 AM, Anders Montonen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking into using the useradd-staticids class for reproducible 
> builds. Is there any way to delay the warning/error about missing ids 
> until a recipe is actually built rather than getting them during parsing? 
> Having to generate tons of ids for packages you're not even using seems a 
> bit nuts.

The system used to do that, but then people started complaining that whenever
they added items to their image they'd get more warnings -- and why don't we
just tell them up-front.  :/

I do suggest you ask on the openembedded-core mailing list though.  The people
working on revising that code have been active there and may be able to help
more then I can.


> Regards,
> Anders

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