Hello All,

I have created a custom group e.g "grp1" in my application recipe say "app.bb".


I am trying to add my custom user e.g: "user1" to this group "grp1" in "space.bb".

USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = "-d ${localstatedir}/lib/space/ -s /bin/false -G grp1 -U user1"

The useradd command failed: "useradd: group 'grp1' does not exist". I have also tried adding DEPENDS_${PN} = "app" in space.bb, but it doesn't help.

How can I add my custom user to my custom group in bitbake recipe?

Question in Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49068076/yocto-add-custom-user-to-custom-group

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