Dear Mr, Mrs,

I built a minimal image for up board 2 and I've tried to write the image to
a USB Key to boot the hardware later. The problem is with partitioning ! I
copied both image and file in the same directory and run this

* ./  /dev/sdb core-image-minimal-intel-corei7-64.ext4

And I got this :

*WARNING: This script is deprecated and will be removed soon.Please
consider using wic EFI images instead.Image details    image:
'core-image-minimal-intel-corei7-64.ext4'     size: 13227008
bytes modified: 2018-03-09 12:12:19.306773676 +0100     type: Linux rev 1.0
ext4 filesystem data, UUID=c15962c7-cc72-4413-b478-96457cffeef6 (extents)
(large files) (huge files)Device details  device: /dev/sdb  vendor:
VendorCo   model: ProductCode         size: 8053063680 bytes*

*Prepare EFI image on /dev/sdb [y/N]? yBoot partition size:   20 MB
(/dev/sdb1)ROOTFS partition size: 7631 MB (/dev/sdb2)Swap partition size:
402 MB (/dev/sdb3)Partitioning installation media (/dev/sdb)Formatting
partitionsFailed to format /dev/sdb1*

Any ideas ?

Best regards,
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