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On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 07:19:06AM +0100, Arno Steffens wrote:
> I have 2 extra users (added with useradd_example.bb). Login works for all 3 
> parties.
> While login works, passwd (to change it) doesn't work for the extra users. 
> They will asked for the old one - which fails.
> Root is not to be asked for old password. That's way root can change password 
> for all. 
> The strange issue is, that after root changes password for users, they can do 
> it by themselves.
> Seems that login and passwd use different algos!?!?
> Same password, but different hashes:
> before (created by yocto)
> user:$6$bk.Az/8KVV$v3TyAlroQeBZA3faJ.DxCVsCUBZaSAvB4FkuNkLDdsIchrmz6OnUGRnQI5BOgOjQ3mvj9QL3US6Amf2VWr0.j/:17598:0:99999:7:::
> behind (changed by root):
> user:$1$d3Uo1g82$Il2kYQj8qadzQvkwUU4Ia.:17598:0:99999:7:::
> Edit: After a few further test I found that this has an effect:
> I used EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs" to create a read-only-rootf 
> (by default). 
> But of course I did make the partition writeable before attempting to change 
> the password.
> But for some strange reasons this is not same. What might be the reason?

Can you please share the version details and the useradd_example.bb that was 
mentioned here ?
or even better, file a bug in Yocto's bugzilla 
(https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org) ?

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