Hi Robert,

I'd already read the out-of-tree example; it's the first thing I checked.

After some changes in 3rd party Makefile, I'm running into errors in do_compile 
step.  My new question now is, how the Makefile picks up cross-compile INC 
path, as well as the LINKER path.

The variable KERNEL_SRC isn't enough to provide the needed clues for the above. 
 And it'd be a bad idea to hardcode paths in 3rd party code.

Is there an easy way to have devtool pass in more variables?  And what 
variables should we use?


From: Robert Berger <yocto.user.mailingl...@gmail.com>
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To: Raymond Yeung
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Subject: Re: [yocto] Problem with packages during "devtool build"


On 2018-04-05 21:02, Raymond Yeung wrote:
> "inherit module" is already in recipes/cgosapi.bb file.  In fact, as I
> use devtool to "add" the recipe to workspace layer, this .bb file is
> autogenerated.  I only added the last line that sets KERNELDIR that 3rd
> Party software's Makefile uses.

Did you have a look at this out of tree kernel module example?


You might want to use this makefile and add your stuff there.


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