I'm using poky Rocko.
I'm building a linux-rt based system (I'm using bitbake image-core-rt).

The GPIO chip (Fintek F81866d) is not supported by the kernel we selected 
(4.4). I downloaded the patch which adds support of Fintek F81866d to kernel 
(from https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/566380/) and add the patch to my 
kernel linux recipes (via SRC_URI +=)
When building the image, the kernel is being recompiled but the patch is not 
applied (I still get an error message saying that the chip is not supported 
when I try to modprobe the module).

Is this way of adding support of the Fintek F81866d to the kernel is the right 
way ?
How can I check that the patch is applied ?


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