Want to comment on this part of an earlier reply from Anuj:

"Use EXTRA_OEMAKE += "<varname>='${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}'" if the variable
name used in your Makefile is different from KERNEL_PATH or KERNEL_SRC."

A "bitbake -e <my recipe>" confirms that EXTRA_OEMAKE is already setup to use 
KERNEL_SRC.  And I'd manually modified the 3rd party Makefile to use it (still 
need to find out a nicer patching method).

Originally reported problem with "Files/directories were installed but not 
shipped" apparently was due to use of

EXTRA_OEMAKE_append_task-install = " -C ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} M=${S}"

It's a line auto-generated by "devtool add".  Commenting out this line (and 
removing the already created directories from .../oe_workdir/image in my 
out-of-tree root directory) stops the failure.

However, I still need to figure out how I could specify to the tool where my 
.ko, .so and 2 binaries should be moved to, in order to make it into the image. 
 Makefile for original 3rd party code also has a "install" target that 
"installs" the files into various directories on the host (e.g. /usr/bin).

In the "Incorporating Out-of-Tree Modules" section, there's a mentioning of 4 
MACHINE_XXX variables.  I'll try them to see if they may help.


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