Thanks alot. It's work now.I have another question and It will be a huge help 
if you answer it:I add libsrtp to another recepie's DEPENDS(jrtplib). but I 
faced the following error:
    --ERROR: jrtplib-3.11.1-r0 do_populate_sysroot: QA Issue: jrtplib.pc failed 
sanity test (tmpdir) in path 

I checked jrtplib.pc and it is the result:

    Name: Jrtplib    Description: A full featured RTP library    Requires:    
Version: 3.11.1    Libs:  -L/usr/lib -ljrtp -L/usr/lib -ljthread -lpthread 
    Cflags:  -I/usr/include 
I think something is wrong in libsrtp paths.

    On Monday, April 9, 2018, 7:08:23 AM GMT+4:30, Anuj Mittal 
<> wrote:  
 On 04/08/2018 09:09 PM, Mostafa Farzane wrote:
> Thanks alot,
> I added TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK = "libsrtp-staticdev" to my image instead
> of libsrtp. But I get:
>  * calculate_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies
> for libsrtp-staticdev:
>  *      libsrtp (= 1.5.2-r0) *
>  * opkg_solver_install: Cannot install package libsrtp-staticdev.

Please try adding ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" in your bbappend or try:
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