Hello everybody,

in my setup opkg is used as the package manager and I use it to install / uninstall several software alternatives. I want this to work on deployed devices in an offline fashion, i.e. I want to do "opkg install <sompackage>" without internet access. <somepackage> might or might not be installed in the actual rootfs in the original image.

I could really use some hints how this could be achieved without running into a dead end. My current idea is to deploy the ipks somehow into the rootfs und point opkg to the "local repository":

1. Make some kind of meta-recipe with a dependency of the do_install task on <somepackage>'s do_write_ipk task 2. Find somehow the filenames of all ipks generated by a selection of recipes (the ones creating <somepackage>)
3. Install them to the rootfs, generate Packages.gz
4. Point opkg to this local repository

For steps 1 and 2, I am not sure whether that is possible with a reasonable effort and I would be very thankful for any guidance.



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