On 4/10/18 8:57 AM, RUSSELL PETERSON wrote:
> I have been debugging this issue and could use some advice.
> The basic issue I see is that do_make_scripts executes and fails. I have
> seen different fails but in the end it all comes back to something being
> required in recipe-sysroot or recipe-sysroot-native and it's not there.
> For instance gcc-cross-aarch64 is missing from recipe-sysroot-native.
> Yocto build dependencies is a rather advanced topic and I certainly
> don't feel I understand exactly what the issue is... but here is my guess.
> 1. I changed my linux kernel recipe.
> 2. Because of #1, the cross compiler decided to rebuild. Generally, this
> isn't an issue. In fact the old cross compiler should *still* be in
> recipe-sysroot-native.
> 3. Once the kernel build artifacts is done... my module recipes fire.
> The first thing they want to do is run do_cve_check.
> 4. This is the part that causes the problem... do_cve_check DELETES
> gcc-cross-aarch64 from the sysroot! This is because it cannot find
> gcc-cross-aarch64.complete... which points to a manifest file. I think
> this manifest file is created by the
> gcc-cross-aarch64.do_populate_sysroot. Problem is, cve_check does not
> depend on that?

This seems a bug to me. Please open a ticket in yocto project bugzilla

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