On 4/13/18 11:41 AM, Greg Wilson-Lindberg wrote:
I'm working on a raspberry pi3 Yocto build from Qt's boot2qt project, it's running Yocto version 2.2.3, and Linux kernel 4.4.50. I need to back port some changes to a file in drivers/net/can/spi. I confused about where and how I set up the patch file.

I have a linux-raspberrypi_4.4.bbappend file. Do I put the patch file in that, and If so, how do I indicate the path to the file?


SRC_URI += "file://yourpatch.patch"

also add


then create a directory called linux-raspberrypi parallel to where the bbappend is and put the yourpatch.patch inside that directory.

Thanks for the help and enlightenment,

Greg Wilson-Lindberg

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