Such setting should be in global conf files like <distro>.conf or local.conf.
Setting root password from a recipe does not have effect.

If you really want to set a root password from recipe, maybe you need to take a look at base-passwd recipe.

'-P' is an option added to support clear text password. The patch only applies to shadow-native.
So it does not affect the shadow on target.

Best Regards,
Chen Qi

On 05/16/2018 04:46 PM, Mauro Ziliani wrote:
Hi all.

I need to set a well know password for root user.

I follow the istruction to do this with

inherit extra_users


    usermod -P secret root; \


But it does not work.

I think the problem i for usermod

I sse the man page and the -p parameter needs the output of crypt(3) function.

While -P parameter (p-uppercase) is not a valid parameter for usermod

Any idea?



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