On Wed, 2018-07-11 at 02:23 +0000, Chan, Aaron Chun Yew wrote:
> It appears that your using virtualenv (switch to python3) to startup
> your buildbot processes and not using the default python from host
> distribution.
> I am aware that you can switch interpreter to python2/3 in
> virtualenv. Shouldn’t we handle these for both in events users uses
> the default host distribution as default python2 and still make it
> worked? What is the best practices here and should all the buildbot-
> workers start in
> virtualenv defaults to python3 as well ? I am little lost right here,
> please advise.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, you can make /usr/bin/python
point at python3 too, or simply not install python2 on the controller.
Using virtualenv was just a simple way to illustrate how you can use

My worry about trying to support both python versions is that as you've
found out, there are problems that can occur in one that don't occur in
the other, which then means twice as much testing. Since python2 is an
official "dead end" and as a project we're trying hard to use python3
everywhere, it doesn't seem to make sense to try and support python2 on
new code such as the autobuilder?


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