Hi all

I need to do this scenario.

I have 2 image recipes:

- final.bb

- testing.bb

final.bb and testing.bb install the same application name app.

For the app I build the recipe app_1.0.bb which downloads the source code from git with tag=1.0, app_git.bb which downloads the latest commit.

- in final.bb I'd like to put the production version of the application: that is app_1.0.bb

- in testing.bb I'd like to put the testing verstion of the application: that is app_git.bb

Now, when I bitbake final, tha app_git is installed. This is not I want.

How can I force final.bb to install app_1.0.bb?

I tryed PREFERRED_VERSION_app="1.0" in final.bb recipe but it seems not work.

Thansk all


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