I have installation problems for npm recipes.
Using Yocto thud and machine=qemux86_64(wrlinux-x), but as I can see it
this concerns all
use of npm.bbclass for 64-bits system.

The problem seems to be the use of ${libdir} in npm.bbclass, when 64 bit is
used this expands to lib64.
npm install --prefix ${D}${prefix} installs to /usr/lib/node_modules which
is not
in sync with the following mv ${D}${libdir}/node_modules ${D}${libdir}/node.

I made an quick fix by replacing ${libdir} by ${prefix}/lib/, but as I see
it nodejs packages never is installed to lib64 in any other system as I can
find information about.

So the question is if the use of ${libdir} is bad and the path should
always be to /lib/?

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