Dear Yocto Developers,

I'm trying to to build a Yocto kernel for a T4240 RDB.  When I run "bitbake
fsl-image-full" to build the entire linux image, I get an error that says
"Can't install kernel-devsrc-1.0-r0@t4240rdb_64b: no package provides
/bin/awk".  Here's the entire error print that I see:

Anyway I'm confused about this error because /bin/awk does exist.  Like if
I run "/bin/awk" in the console I see help info come up describing how to
use a program called "gawk".  Why can't bitbake find /bin/awk then?  Or am
I misunderstanding what this error is trying to say?  I mean I'm assuming
it's just not able to find /bin/awk but maybe the error means something
else?  Or maybe /bin/awk is actually relative to some path?  Let me know
your thoughts.

-Thanks!, Wayne Li
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