On 17.11.2019 20:44, Mateusz Majchrzycki wrote:
I have a pretty unusual problem. I need to enable a systemd service (openvpn) with a profile as a parameter (typically you do it by 'systemctl enable openvpn@profile'). But the profile on build time doesn't exist (it is just symlink to non existing file).
My recipe bb looks like (I'm omitting SUMMARY etc.):

inherit systemd
SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "openvpn@clientprofile.service"
DEPENDS = "openvpn"

do_install() {
install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/openvpn/
ln -sf /data/etc/openvpn/clientprofile.conf ${D}${sysconfdir}/openvpn/clientprofile.conf

Unfortunately, on build I get the following error:
ERROR: openvpn-client-1.0-r3 do_package: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_openvpn-client value openvpn@clientprofile.service does not exist ERROR: openvpn-client-1.0-r3 do_package: Function failed: systemd_populate_packages

What am I doing wrong? I suppose the symlink is not a problem as normally systemctl enables service with non-existent file as a parameter (it fails on start, but not enabling).
Maybe you could just create that file /data/etc/openvpn/clientprofile.conf and install it within the recipe? It can be even empty. The service will keep failing. The build shall pass. Sounds reasonable?

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