I'm building thud for the raspberry pi3 for boot2qt on Ubuntu 18.04.
I've got a patch that I need to apply to to fix an include file problem and I 
can't find the qemu-native recipe. I can find a number of recipes that depend 
in one way or another on 'qemu-native', but I can't find a recipe, class for it 
or anything that provides it. I can see it being built, and I get an error that 
indicates that the patch that I have needs to be applied. I can find 

In the cooker log I see:
task qemu_3.0.0
recipe qemu-native-3.0.0

But I can't find a qemu-native.bb file,or bbclass.

I'm rather confused at this point, can someone shed a bit of light on what I'm 

Greg Wilson-Lindberg  
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