Is it possible to compile tensorflow against python2.7?

Il 20/11/19 16:40, Mauro Ziliani ha scritto:

I forked the repository and I'm tryng to port the layer for Krogoth


Il 20/11/19 15:37, Mauro Ziliani ha scritto:

Hi all.

There a port for meta-tensorflow for Krogoth or Sumo?

Mayabe I need to use it on this distribution



Il 21/02/19 12:37, Hongxu Jia ha scritto:
Hi RP and Yocto folks,

Currently AI on IoT edge becomes more and more popular, but there is no
machine learning framework in Yocto/OE. With the support of Eric
<>, Robert<>
and Randy<>, after two months effort, I've
integrated TensorFlow to Yocto.

Now, I contribute the patches to Yocto for review, and apply for creating
a layer named `meta-tensorflow' on Yocto.

For test convenient, there is a fork on github:

BTW, I have contributed other 11 fundamental recipes to meta-openembedded
and all of them have been merged to master branch.

Please no hesitate to share your suggestion.


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