On 20/4/07 Patrick Gilmour wrote:

Though remember that if there are pre-existing tags they will be removed, so be careful with items that are already tagged.

or to get around that, try this:

-- Start Script
Here's a script to batch add tags to Yojimbo items.
Select the items you wish to add a tag or tags to, in the form of single words or phrases ensuring they are comma delimited. (Without spaces, 'cos I don't know how to strip them just now)

tell application "Yojimbo"
    set _targets to (selected items of browser window 1)
    set ct to count items of _targets
    set tag_list to ""
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ","
    set t to ""
    set s to text returned of ¬
(display dialog "Tag(s) - comma delimited:" default answer t)
    set the tag_list to every text item of s
    repeat with i from 1 to ct
            add tags tag_list to item i of _targets
        on error
        end try
    end repeat
end tell
-- End Script



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