This messages is an FYI to the list because what I have to share is not a general solution to a persistent syncing problem.

In short, after 8 months of back-and-forth communication with Bare Bones support (thanks for your patience, Patrick) trying to resolve a non-syncing issue, it turns out the problem had nothing to do with Bare Bones, Yojimbo, nor OS X -- it's something to do with my ISP.

I have three machines (work desktop, laptop, home desktop) and have been able to successfully sync between the laptop and desktop for some time. Last Septemeber, I got a new iMac for home and unfortunately it never synced properly. Even though my other apps -- iCal, Safari, Address Book, Transmit -- would sync, my home computer's Yojimbo has never synced.

At home I connect with an permanent IP address via DSL and an Airport network, and I tried connecting my iMac directly to the DSL modem. Still, no luck.

BB Support has been offering suggestions (including deleting all sync files from all computers and the .Mac server), and I've gone so far as to copy frameworks and binaries from one machine to the next, but nothing worked.

Finally, as a last gasp to even out all variables, this weekend I took my home iMac into the office and connected it to the network. After about 20 minutes of syncing and hard disk activity, finally, and for the first time ever, syncing worked between all three machines.

I then took the iMac back home and hooked it up via the Airport and everything seems to be working now.

I don't know why the syncing failed for so long, but my suspicion is that when I got the new machine, Yojimbo's large data set stumbled on some sort of weakness in my home internet connection. I have now turned to my ISP to see if they can help diagnose where the trouble might be, but I am not holding my breath.

So if anyone is in my same frustrating boat, if you have the opportunity to try syncing on a better network, I'd suggest giving that a try.



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