last night, while working in a small note window (one of my favorite features; thanks!), i discovered that modifying it does not trigger the standard, OS X, red-dot indicator for a modified document.

i attempted to include a tiny screen shot, but the list doesn't accept attachments. i'm referring to the red, yellow, and green "stop light" buttons at the top right of most OS X windows. in most applications, modifying a document causes an obvious dot to appear in the middle of the red button. i rely upon that dot as a visual reminder that i haven't saved. but it's not working in yojimbo -- in neither the small nor big window.

i thought that feature was automatically built in to every OS X app -- supplied by the OS, itself. but perhaps the developer has to "activate" that feature, somehow. i don't know....

is this just an oversight, or was it intentionally disabled for some reason?



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