I have a screwed up Yojimbo State. One machine crashed, and left bad state on .MAC for Yojimbo. So i went to a good machine, reset the Yojimbo state on .MAC using that machine. Go to the other machine and say: replace from .MAC. Works.

So everything is back in order, but everytime i sync on the 2nd machine, i get now: your Yojimbo items on .MAC have been reset, do you want to replace/merge them.. Sometimes i also get a "inconsistency detected".

I am kind of clueless on how to consistently fix my .MAC state so that the laptop (2nd machine) will now no longer complain...

I tried:

several times the replace from A to .MAC, replace from .MAC to B.
Syncrospector. Unregister the client on B.

Anything else? I searched the Barebones site about this, but was unable to find anything.


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