On 9/26/07 at 8:45 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (John Cradock) wrote:

This list has gotten pretty quiet lately, and there's been no news
about Yojimbo recently either. Can anyone reveal whether there's an
update on the horizon anytime in the near future? Many potential
features have been discussed here, and I can only hope that some of
these might make it into a future release of Yojimbo. Any news,

Barebones has a standard policy of essentially saying nothing about future releases or what features they might contain for any of the software they create. Anyone that really knew what a future release of Yojimbo would look like and said something here would undoubtedly be in violation of either their terms of employment at Barebones or in violation of a NDA with Barebones in the case of beta testers.

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