On Dec 5, 2007, at 2:15 PM, Jim Correia wrote:

Are these images items that you converted from notes via drag and drop? This happens because the text system puts TIFF data on the clipboard, and that is read back in as the image. You can avoid this by dragging out to the Finder first to create a file, the dragging the file back in. (Yes, I realize this isn't terribly convenient.)

Yes, that was how I "converted." Thanks for the behind-the-curtain explanation. Makes perfect sense. However, based on this I am curious as to why an animated gif dragged from notes and dropped into a TextEdit document doesn't get converted by the clipboard.

Again, this is not intended as criticism--just trying to understand the tool and how to best use it. And if we can save another list follower a little pain along the way...

Best rgds!


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