On an anecdotal level, here's my story.

I've got a 1.5mbps DSL line at my office which no one else was using.

I have a little over 1100 items in my Yojimbo DB (which weighs in at
about 162mb).

.Mac routinely throws up all over itself trying to sync Yojimbo even
when left alone untouched not-even-running during the sync process.

What does .Mac tell me?

"The sync failed because of an error."

As I wrote on my website:

Oh, it failed because of an error.

Gee, thanks.

What-the-blank else other than an error would cause it to fail?

Here's what it would look like if .Mac wrote up death certificates:

            Patient died due to death.

Failed due to an error…. DUH!


Long story short, I wouldn't rely on it if I were you.

Short addendum: I'm not sure there's anything BB can do.  This one is
up to Apple to fix.

Every January I hope to hear that something amazing is going to happen
with .Mac.

Every year it's a disappointment.

Last year's big news: 10GB of space!

Yippee.  I've got like 300gb of space from Dreamhost for about the
same price.  10gb, give me a break.  Yeah, I can upload all my
pictures and video now! (*)

(*) 128x128 pictures or YouTube quality only


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