I sent this to Bare Bones, but it seems that they're rather busy, and
I haven't heard back from them yet. Maybe someone here has some simple
suggestions toward divulging more relevant information.

I installed Yojimbo 1.5 and updated my OS to 10.4.11 (as recommended)
on the same day; after restarting the computer, I noticed that when I
import PDF files, the information is translated as a Note into
Yojimbo, keeping only the text from the PDF, and discarding formatting
and other elements. I have a large PDF library in Yojimbo already, and
none of those files seem to be affected. Everything else seems to be
working fine; in fact Yojimbo 1.5 is humming better than ever, apart
from this strange PDF import behavior.

The same thing happens no matter what method I use to import a PDF:
1. I drag a PDF file icon into the Yojimbo display.
2. I drag a PDF file icon onto Yojimbo's drop dock.
3. I drag a PDF file icon onto Yojimbo's icon in the dock.
4. I select Import from Yojimbo's File menu, browse to the file,
select the file, and activate the Import button.
5. I select Print in any application's File menu and choose Save PDF
to Yojimbo in the print dialogue.
Under all of these circumstances, Yojimbo makes a note containing the
text of the PDF.

Oh, and PDF functions seem to be working fine in all other
applications. I can view stuff in Preview, print to Mail, et cetera. I
haven't noticed anything else awry. My Yojimbo gained the ability to
import images while losing its awesome PDF powers!

With this behavior, I don't know how to get any PDF files into
Yojimbo. I checked the preferences to see if I inadvertently activated
an arcane PDF-to-text switch, but I couldn't find anything there.

I've used Yojimbo for over a year, and I love it! I've never had any
trouble before.

Has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know if there is
anything I should do.

kindest regards,
John Stephens

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