On Dec 11, 2007, at 6:54 AM, Michael Young wrote:

Feature proposal: Could Yojimbo list the number of files associated with each tag in Yojimbo > Preferences > Tags? That way I coul see if I have "dead" tags (with no files associated).

Or is there already a way to ascertain that?

Here is an AppleScript that will report how many items are tagged with each tag.

tell application "Yojimbo"
        set tagList to {}
        repeat with theTag in tags
set tagCount to count of (every database item whose tags contains theTag)
                set tagName to name of theTag
                set end of tagList to tagName & ": " & tagCount
        end repeat
        choose from list tagList
end tell

Paste it into a new Script Editor document and click Run. After a moment, a list of tags and their number of uses will appear.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem very efficient. Does anyone have suggestions for making the script faster or more useful?

I agree it would be useful if this information was displayed in the tags preferences. Any other tricks for summarizing tag usage? I suppose you could just make a tag collection for each tag and look at the counts right in the Collections pane.


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