On 12 Dec 2007, at 14:25, Jacob Lyles wrote:
>> Any ideas how to implement in Applescript a check for empty Web
>> Archive items? (i.e. Failed downloads)

On 12/12/07 6:49 PM, "pete boardman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> responded:
> This code finds some of my web archives that don't appear in the
> browser.
[snip code for searching for empty comments field]
> It's as if the source URL and the comments field agree only when the
> web archive has been downloaded.

In order to prevent (and recover) from this sort of problem, in my scripts,
when I create the Web Archive (WA) item, I create it with the URL already in
the comments field. Thus, I don't end up with empty WA items that (aside
from being empty ) don't have an associated URL.

So, searching for an empty comment field is a bit useless for me (but


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