The current version of the back/restore instructions for the YJ db on
the BB FAQ list is this:

>Where does Yojimbo store my items? And what files do I need to back
up in order to protect my stored data?
>Yojimbo stores your data in ~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo/
(that is, the "Yojimbo" folder inside the "Application Support" folder
inside the >"Library" folder in your Home directory). If you back up
this folder, your Yojimbo data will be protected.

>Note: You should always quit Yojimbo before backing up your data.

>To restore from backup, first make sure Yojimbo isn't running, then
copy the "Yojimbo" folder from the backup set into your local
"Application Support" >folder. Finally, re-launch Yojimbo.

At some earlier point, there used to be an additional step that
involved deleting the ~Library/Caches/Metadata/com.barebones.yojimbo
folder before restarting Yojimbo, in order to get the restored library
to show up.

Does anyone know why this step is no longer needed, and why it once was?


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