My syncing woes are behind me for now, at last. I was able to get
syncing working again, thanks to an updated set of fixes from BB
support. It seems that the important step was to delete the Yojimbo
dataclass from CoreServices using terminal. (The method prompts a
dialogue box asking for your dotmac password, so it may actually
delete something on dotmac itself as well.) I'm not sure if this is a
new step because Leopard demands it or if my particular f'ed up sync
state required it, though I'd like to know. This kind of thing has
happened to my YJ setup at least 3 times before, and I'd prefer to be
able to fix the problem myself when it happens, rather than relying on
support to diagnose and prescribe.

If you are still having sync problems and are waiting on a response
from BB support, hold tight, I'm sure they are working on it.


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