On Jan 19, 2008, at 10:29 AM, Jeff Schmitz wrote:

When a hard reset doesn't even work, what can I do next?

Write barebones support, they have a procedure that will fix the problem.

My experience with Sync and Yojimbo is that it works, and works well, most of the time. However, I've had several incidents where the sync failed, and left the entire process so corrupted that Apple's reset function was unable to reset the mechanism. I've thrown so much time down a black hole with this, its sad. The fix that Bare Bones provided has worked, but it allows very little leeway - follow it to the letter.

Good luck,

P.S. While I was able to use sync successfully for nearly a year, I've had enough problems with it that I dare to suggest that its not especially robust (on Apple's end, not Bare Bones) for large data sets. My library was several hundred megabytes, and while incremental changes over time worked flawlessly, a full reset would always time out on re-upload. My DSL upload speed isn't especially fast, so that's certainly part of it. I've chosen to use Yojimbo sync for smaller items, and have moved larger "mobile" data sets to a keychain flash drive. Its not as elegant, but then neither is wasting hours trying to troubleshoot broken sync sessions.

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