um, so what happens if, like me, you remove stuff when you have done something with it, leaving an empty tag (for now)?

It needn't be mandatory, I believe it was phrased "would be possible … to automatically erase". Still, I agree, I don't think it need be automatic - but some improvement in tag management is high on my list of feature requests anyway. What tag management there currently is has always felt a bit incongruous alongside the other panels in 'Preferences' - it just doesn't feel like that's the natural place for it to belong.

An inspector panel strikes me as more appropriate and would offer a good place for some rudimentary management tools. If nothing else it'd be useful to have a convenient reference when tagging new items to ensure I don't end up, as happens all to easily, with different tags for the same thing. This can result in missed results when tag searching because, for example, that article I'm sure I clipped to YJ and tagged as 'bikes' as per usual was for some reason tagged 'bicycle', and as a result doesn't get found (this is an overly simple example to make the point). Delicious style tag bundles would be useful too to group semantically similar tags, I find this makes delicious a far more usable tag-based repository for me.

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