Patrick -
Thanks. One clarification - "Missing Sync only syncs notes between Yojimbo and the device." These means it syncs Notes, but not but not the other data types: Bookmark, Password, Serial Number, or Web Archive?

From: Patrick Woolsey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: March 17, 2008 4:53:49 AM PDT
Subject: Re: yojimbo missing sync question

Josh Roebuck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sez:

I'm using The Missing Sync for my Treo 650 and Macbook (leopard).  Not
sure if this is a question for here or over at Mark/Space, but I'm
wondering what types of records in Yojimbo are synced?  All ?
Like other users, I've also experienced interminable syncs. I'm assuming
that's due to the large items in yojimbo, such as photos and web
archives.  And so was wondering if it were possible to set the type of
records to be synced.

The Missing Sync only syncs notes between Yojimbo and the device. Missing
Sync can either sync all notes, or just the notes in selected manual
collections, depending on how you configure it.

As for Missing Sync's behavior, I regret we can't assist there (beyond
recommending that you use the latest version); please contact the folks at


Patrick Woolsey
Bare Bones Software, Inc. < >
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