I'm always curious about how people use AppleScript to facilitate
their workflow. I've created a few small AppleScripts that I've found
useful and thought I'd post them to this list. I also make heavy use
of others' works - in particular, scripts for "Add Tags to Selected",
"Create List From Selected Items", "Create Web Archive From
Bookmarks", "Launch Selected", and (from Safari) "Save Selection to
Yojimbo". What other AppleScripts do people have that they use on a
regular basis to help them manage their information flow?

None of these are particular polished (as a professional programmer,
AppleScript is such a foreign looking language to me) so if anyone has
suggestions for improvements, I'm happy to take them.
Combine Selected Items:
tell application "Yojimbo"
        set theNewName to text returned of (display dialog "Name" default
answer "Unnamed Combined Note")
        set selectedItems to (selected items of browser window 1) as list
        set theNewContent to "Combined note from " & the (count of
selectedItems) & " items" & return & return
        repeat with i from 1 to the count of selectedItems
                set theContent to contents of contents of item i of 
                set theDate to the modification date of item i of selectedItems
                set theName to the name of item i of selectedItems
                set theNewContent to theNewContent & "======" & return & 
theName &
return & theDate & return & "------" & return & theContent & return
        end repeat
        make new note item with properties {name:theNewName} with contents
end tell
Open Selected in Yojimbo:
(This one I could definitely use some help with. If there's a way to
wait for the file to be saved and closed, then read the file and
insert it back into Yojimbo, this script would be much more useful. If
someone knows how to do that, there are probably handful of other
items that we could funnel through and take back. Or perhaps someone
at BareBones would be so kind as to build in a "filter through
program" function?)
tell application "Yojimbo"
        set selectedItems to (selected items of browser window 1) as list
        set theContent to contents of contents of selectedItems
end tell

set filename to random number from 1 to 10000

set the tempFile to ((path to the temporary items folder) as string) &
filename & ".txt"

open for access tempFile
write theContent to (tempFile as alias) as string
close tempFile

set theFile to POSIX path of tempFile

tell application "TaskPaper"
        open theFile
end tell
Autocreate Tag Browser:
(I've posted this previously.)
tell application "Yojimbo"
        set tc_names to (name of tag collections)
        repeat with t in tags
                (* TODO - Check if there are any items for this tag and, if not,
offer dialog to delete both the tag and tag collection *)
                set t_name to name of t
                if tc_names does not contain t_name then
                        (* Create tag collection for missing tags *)
                        set tc to (make new tag collection)
                        set name of tc to t_name
                        add tags t_name to tc
                end if
        end repeat
end tell
FOR VOODOOPAD TO YOJIMBO: Export From VoodooPad to Yojimbo:
tell application "VoodooPad Pro"
        tell front document
                repeat with thePage in pages
                        set theName to display name of thePage
                        set theCategories to categories of thePage
                        set theText to text of thePage
                        tell application "Yojimbo"
                                set end of theCategories to "voodooexport"
                                set newItem to make new note item
                                set name of newItem to theName
                                set contents of contents of newItem to theText
                                add tags theCategories to newItem
                        end tell
                end repeat
        end tell
end tell
set newLine to "

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
        set theMsg to item 1 of (get current messages)
        set theSubject to subject of theMsg
        set theSender to sender of theMsg
        set theSenderAddress to address of theSender
        set theSenderDisplayName to display name of theSender
        set theContent to content of theMsg
        set theTimeRecieved to time received of theMsg
        tell application "Yojimbo"
                set yContents to "SUBJECT: " & theSubject & newLine
                set yContents to yContents & "FROM: " & theSenderDisplayName & 
"<" &
theSenderAddress & ">" & newLine
                set yContents to yContents & "DATE: " & theTimeRecieved & 
                set yContents to yContents & newLine & theContent
                set newItem to make new note item with properties 
comments:theSenderDisplayName, contents:yContents}
                add tags {"email"} to newItem
        end tell
end tell

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