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On Apr 9, 2008, at 9:10 PM, Doug Ransom wrote:

Does anyone know how effective  the block-level file updates
described in the Jungle Disk docs (below) will work with Yojimbo

Sorry for the delay in replying to this but I didn't want to answer
until I'd tested a backup. JungleDisk Plus backs up the changes to my Yojimbo database on a nightly basis without any need to shut
Yojimbo down. I just tested the integrity of the backup this morning
and it was up-to-date as of yesterday.

I believe you will find JungleDisk Plus is no more or less compatible with Yojimbo than Time Machine or any other backup program.

I believe the basic problem with Yojimbo and back up programs is access to the database. If Yojimbo is active and making changes to the database when the back up program is actively backing up the Yojimbo data base then the back up will likely have problems at some level.

I am sure the time it takes Yojimbo to change a record in the database is small compared to the time a backup program takes to backup the entire database. Hence, if Yojimbo is active and making changes to the database, the backup copy of the database is likely to be inconsistent.

The likelihood of this actually happening will depend on several factors. A smaller database will clearly take less time to backup and provide less opportunity for this type of problem. Less frequent backups will also provide less opportunity.

The combination of block-level file updates and a nightly backup schedule would greatly reduce the opportunity for the type of problem I describe to occur. Also, I assume the nightly backup occurs when you aren't actively using Yojimbo. I believe this explains you success to date but doesn't mean Yojimbo is inherently compatible with JungleDisk.

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