On May 2, 2008, at 2:01 PM, Krzysztof Maj wrote:

Why when I moved doc file to the Yojimbo library I will get .rtf file? Is a internal .doc->.rtf converter or what? The problem is when I export once again this file and open it in MS Word 2008 I lost all the formating inside the file and somethimes also polish diacritics.

Yojimbo is an information collector/organizer, not a file manager.

You can import a Word document as a note (we use the system's Word document reader). After importing, however, it is a Yojimbo note. When you export it, it will be exported to plain text, RTF or RTFD based on the content of the note at export time.

If you have an example file where an import, then later export, resulted in encoding problems, please send it to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> so we can address the bug if it is ours, or report it to Apple as appropriate.


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