> I have to say your use of Yojimbo as
> an everyday GTD tool is pretty impressive.
> Just the ambition to try and use it that
> way is impressive. I don’t really see that
> as the purpose of Yojimbo. (It’s really
> just considered an archival application.)

The purpose of Yojimbo doesn't encompass making lists and notes and updating them frequently? Seriously? Yojimbo seems excellently suited to this task for me -- it's the part of my use of Yojimbo that I don't have any trouble at all with, in fact -- the part I'm wanting one layer of hierarchy for *is* the archival part, not the GTD part.

GTD is essentially just list-keeping and filing. So is project planning. I need to be able to have up to maybe a dozen lists open at a time, and I need to be able to switch back and forth from lists of projects and my to-do lists as I add and delete items and comments from the lists. I find it easier to do this in a program like Yojimbo than in individual text files, because if it's eight or ten separate windows I'm constantly having to search for the window I want.

I did go through a period when I was doing this in text files, keeping them their own folder and opening them all together in TextWrangler, which like Yojimbo gives me a list of all the files to one side so that I can easily switch to the one I want. If that was the extent of it, I'd still be using that method, but the difficulty there is that sometimes this process also triggers a thought that I want to add to a project's notes, and finding and opening up those other notes all the time is a small nuisance, and then the newly opened files are alphabetized in with the GTD files, which starts getting to be another small nuisance if I've opened several. When I was doing this in TextWrangler I was giving all my files prefixes so they'd sort by category in the alphabetical list, but still, in Yojimbo the notes for every one of my projects are quickly accessible by clicking on the folder for that project, and when I'm done added to the project notes, I switch back to the GTD lists by clicking on *that* folder.

Scott Marley
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