Contact Bare Bones Support (just like it says at the bottom of this and every message)--they were very helpful in talking me through a similar problem a while back. Also, a "Google" for .Mac sync problems will provide a ton of information.

Sorry I can't go into details now--you opened what might me a big can of worms (depending how far you have to go to reset/restore sync services) and fighting other fires at the moment.


Okay, I can't be *that* unhelpful.

First, in my experience, Sync is a lot more reliable under 10.5--at least once you've cleared out the 10.4 remnants. I did a full reset when I upgraded and have been very happy ever since. (Of course I also recently switched to FIOS via a Gigabit hard wire (as opposed to DSL via 802.11 which has probably also helped quite a bit.)

Not saying you need a full reset--like I said, work with Bare Bones support first, but if you do:

Ars Technica on doing a SyncServices "nuke & pave": (Thanks to Merlin Mann/43folders for the pointer) An article on using Syncrospector (An Apple Developers tool) : -- Article is for 10.4.x, not sure whether is is appropriate for 10.5. (Forget who tipped me to that one.)

Read, understand and backup before taking any of these measures. Remember, "don't expect me to care about lost data that you didn't care enough about to back up in the first place."


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