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But from what I see so far, as a very new person here, it appears that the developers have a very definite mind of their own as to what YJ should do, and/or, not do. Maybe I'm wrong, but they don't seem to pay much attention to the desires of their user base.

As a longtime user of BBSW I have to comment on this. While it may *seem* that they don't pay attention I don't think that is the case ... it's definitely not my impression. My experience is that they are less interested in knowing how something should look/work, what they are really interested in is to understand what you *want to do* - what problem you are trying to solve.

They then try to find best possible way to solve that problem, which might result in an implementation that is similar to what was asked or something different.

My experience is that they might to chose to not implement some feature because they think it makes the program too complex or difficult to use.

Note that BBSW are well-known for being rather tight-lipped about releases, new features etc, so I've always interpreted a silent BBSW as that they are working on a new version.

Please note: I don't know what plans BBSW have, what features the next version of Yojimbo will have, etc. I have beta tested their software for a few years but that's it.

Jan Erik Moström,

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