Hello All, 

I am evaluating Yojimbo and am near the end of the trial period.  There is a
vexing problem that crops up intermittently.  I would appreciate any

(1) Sometimes, when I "archive in Yojimbo" with a Camino hotlink, or import
something as a WebArchive, it will not show up, either in the preview pane
or by selecting "[open in new window]".  Instead I get a blank screen.

I have noticed that this sometimes occurs the first time, and I think also
intermittently.  Note this seems different from the problem where Yojimbo's
download process hits a gateway ad page or login screen (not sure how to fix
that, either, see below).

(2) Any insights into how to work around those times when Yojimbo does get
hung up on an ad page or login gateway screen?  I would think Yojimbo uses a
common framework (from Cocoa) for web download.  Does this mean the problem
can be worked around by logging onto those sites with Safari first, or by
browsing with Safari?

Thanks in advance for any help.  My trial is running out soon and I'm trying
to sort out whether to use Yojimbo or EagleFiler.


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