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> Dear yoshimi friends,
> this is my first post. Following scenario. I have filled parts 1..16 already. 
> Then I switched to 32 parts mode. Great, now I have another empty part slots 
> 17..32. From the past experiments I know there is a patch set I would like to 
> use now, together with what I have already in the parts 1..16.
> So the question is:  Is there a way to merge a patch set, without destroying 
> all loaded parts so far into yoshimi?
> Here an example patch set, I would like to merge, also as an example:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD08ocvNcns#t=6m37s
> Best regards
> Tony

Hi Tony,

This isn't currently possible, but it's a thought :)
The only way I can think of that you could, sort of, do it, would be to
externally patch together the xml files, but it might be quicker to just save
out the one set as individual patches then reload them into the other.

Also, remember that the second set (usually) share the same MIDI channels as the
first, so to make use of them you either need to be using things like vector
control, or changing the key ranges to effectively get per channel split

I notice that the version of Yoshimi in the vid is now quite old. There has
been a lot of development since then including an instant channel switching
feature for fast solo instrument changes.

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