Nemas problema sa Skinerima u Bridgeu?
Meni su ok Irish, Turtle, Optimist, Tramvaj, Riff (kultno mesto na chuburi), Wonderbar, BRE, Klub Svetskih putnika (isto vrh mesto)

Dachaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Na koja mesta izlazite? Posto klubova sa git muzikom nema (KST necemo da
> racunamo :-P), u koje cafe-pubove, vec sta izazite?

Irish i English uglavnom.
Ima neki Iron na Obiliccevom Vencu koji ima lep frape i neke spec. mlechno-kafene mixalice :)
...mada je skroz smor unutra - sku(r)cheno i too fancy (a zima uklonishe "terasu")


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[After Stewie gets taken into an ethnically diverse foster family]
Indian boy: Stewie, would you like to learn how to wrap a turban?
Stewie: Why don't you teach it to the Chinese girl? Or perhaps she can learn
after her people invade your country.
Indian boy: Yee, would your people really do this?
Stewie: Try and stop them. And try and stop Pablo's people from using drug money
to buy arms from Li's countrymen who in turn sells them to Ura's people so that
they can ethnically clense the rest of this nauseatingly diverse grab bag of
genetic party favors you call a family. So now you all understand, yes? You all
hate each other! [Children start crying]

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